Empowering Grants Pass SWAT’s Night Operations

In close collaboration with Grants Pass SWAT and a reputable supplier, we are embarking on a mission to secure an advanced night vision package, poised to revolutionize and fortify the team’s nocturnal operational prowess. Our strategic partnership with Grants Pass SWAT and a respected supplier underscores our dedication to procuring cutting-edge technology, specifically an advanced […]

Hellgate Tactical Partners with Grants Pass SWAT and Fire Department for Training on Demolition Property

Hellgate Tactical recently collaborated with Grants Pass SWAT and Grants Pass Fire Department to conduct specialized training exercises on a scheduled demolition property. This unique partnership offered an invaluable opportunity for Grants Pass SWAT to engage in explosive breaching training in coordination with Jackson County. Additionally, the Grants Pass Fire Department utilized the site to […]

Hellgate Tactical Proudly Sponsors the 2023 Boatnik Festival: Supporting Local Children and Youth Programs

Hellgate Tactical is thrilled to announce our sponsorship of the highly anticipated 2023 Boatnik festival held during Memorial Day weekend in Grants Pass. As a local nonprofit organization, we are committed to supporting the community, and partnering with the Grants Pass Active Club for this annual event aligns perfectly with our mission. In this blog […]